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We recently became fans of DJ EFN. We get fed music daily from all over and we go through and check them out either from main streamers or Indy racket we listen to it all. The first EFN record that came across was Warrior featuring alot of dope artist but the one that made me personally listen to it was David Banner. I have always been a DB fan but what made me jump on and listen to DJ EFN was the fact that he is a star and he took the time to acknowledge us as a new site. DB and DJ EFN both have acknowledged us a site via Twitter in the same week and that connection tied our loyalty down forever. I reached out to DJ EFN like any fan would just to see if I would get anymore interaction a week before his release and he agreed to a short interview. We were stoked with the progress we had made and waited for that email to come back. We have read over the Ozone write up an profile, listen to the 305 interviews and went back to take a listen to him and NORE on the radio to study up even more on EFN but nothing compares to look inside the music he gave us. Enjoy it as much as we did below.

VICKTOR: Lets start simple and get the ball rolling … Introduce your self , why the name , where does it come from?

DJ EFN: (DJ EFN) :The EFN in DJ EFN stand for my government name initials. Just something easy I decided to go with.

V: Where are you from and how long have you been doing this?

DE: I was born in Los Angeles, California but grew up in Miami, Florida. I started my company Crazy Hood Productions in 1993 and shortly after that putting out mixtapes.

V: Being from out west and growing up in the south who are your influences?

DE: My early influences were Terminator X from Public Enemy, Jam Master J of Run DMC, Dr Dre of NWA, Eric B of Eric B and Rakim and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

V: I’ve heard that you started because of the lack of Mixtape Djs in your area did they influence you ?

DE: In terms of mixtapes my influences were Kid Capri, Ron G, S&S, Tony Touch, DJ Clue, Doo Wop, Mr Cee, Dj Evil Dee and G-Bo the Pro.

V: Man you have worked with a slew of artist from new cats like Troy Ave and Stalley on Who’s Crazy to older cats like N.O.R.E and Banner, how does that work?  As a DJ how do you pull artist together is it all in one session or do they send the records enlighten us?

DE: A lot of it has to do with my relationships and network I have built over the years. I just know a lot of these dudes or know their peoples so it’s not like some random person asking them to work. Some artist were able to come into our studio in Miami but a lot of the tracks were done remotely and sent in. I just let the artist know the vibe or the theme of the track.

V: I have always wondered the process of recording these type albums. It was always my idea that they all came together but I guess you have a great leader you can let your vision be known over a small conversation and watch the artist flourish. I may try something like this one day thanks for the information. Ill make sure I reach out to you for a assistance or a drop if you have the time. Speaking of NORE tell me about the Militanment Crazy Raw Radio show on Hip-Hop Nation?

DE: NORE is an old and good friend of mine. We have done a lot together and that show was one of the many collaborative things we have done. It was a show we had originally on XM and then after the merger it was on hip hop nation on SiriusXM.

V: Every interview you know its a part like this so let me know Top 5 dead or alive go! 

DE: In no order… Rakim, Nas, Ice Cube, Big Pun, Big L, Andre 3000. Everyone says Biggie, Pac and Jay so I rarely say those names although they are obviously up there for me

V: Cool those are old vets in the game what about of the new artist do you have a top 5?

DE: New cats would be Kendrick Lamar, SchoolBoy Q, Denzel Curry, Joey Baddass, Jon Connor.

 V: Being from your area I look at the Another Time playlist and I don’t see many “mainstream pop rap” artist like Ross or Ace Hood why aren’t they on the project? Do you have relationships with DJ Khalid or any other major DJ’s out of Florida?

DE : I have relationships with all those guys. The first time a lot of people locally heard those guys were on my mixtapes. Ross was suppose to be on the project but it didn’t pan out. I don’t feed into the mainstream vs underground stuff. I think if done properly any artist can make a dope classic hip hop track, obviously there are artist with no lyrical skill whatsoever so there’s no fixing that. Me and Khaled came up around the same time. I had already been doing mixtapes in Miami when he got to Miami and he just took off on the radio side of things and I was the mixtape dude. Most of us out of Miami have known each other for many years and respect each others lanes and what we do. Shout to Irie, Entice, Khaled, Epps, Griot, Mauricio, Zog, DJ Laz, GQ, Craze, Heron and all the djs from Miami. Rest In Peace Uncle Al!

  V: Speaking of the new project Another Time what is your favorite record? For example if you had this CD in your hand, was with the crew, your tightest Fam and you had to pop it in and play one record what would it be and why?

DE:That’s tough cuz its like asking a parent to pick their favorite child! One of my favorites is “Revolutionary Ride Music” which was the last record we did for the project.

V: What was your thought process going into the album?

DE: I just wanted to make a classic project that paid homage to my mixtape past and embodied all my musical morals. Pay respect to the pioneers and legends, showcase the current, expose the unknown and represent my city.

V: What is the ‘vision’ for your songs? What message are you trying to send?

DE: There’s no specific message. I don’t rap so I can’t dictate what a rapper says but what I would do is get a beat then try to get the hook going and if the beat made me feel a vibe I would ask the person doing the hook to express that vibe I felt. Then I would  explain that to the artist jumping on and hope they felt the same vibe. In most cases they did. During the making of this album all the Mike Brown and Eric Garner stuff was happening and that was reflected in the lyrics and vibe of a lot of the songs.

 V: Do you have other passions in life? Do you believe passion is an essential part of success?

DE: Passion is everything. I am Cuban so we are a very passionate people. Without passon art does not exists. I have a general passion for art, travel and family!

V:    What is the most difficult thing you’ve had to endure in the music industry?

DE: Pursuing the arts is a difficult road but one that gives a lot of pleasure when things go right. Overall dealing with fake industry folks or wannabe gangstas has been the most annoying and dis-pleasurable part of this journey.

V:What do you want? What’s the ultimate goal in life?What do you want? What’s the ultimate goal in life?

Just to create things I can be proud of and be able to provide for my family and friends in the process.

V: As a blogger what can I do to better help you and other artist?

It’s tough cuz nowadays there is just so much going on and such a fast pace but I would say if there is something you like go all out to advocate for it and don’t just leave it at a post here or there. Really let people know this is more than a post and that they should check for whatever it is you think they should check for. Find creative ways to keep talking up the things you like so that you keep driving the message out to the people.

V: Where can we pick up the new album?

DE: Iunes, GooglePlay, Amazone and physicals will be available via redefinitionrecords.com and our site crazyhood.com. We will have limited 2xLP vinyl, Cassettes and CD’s as well as some remixes on 45’s.

Shameless Plug: 

Look out for my project and all that it has to offer. Check out our soundcloud for old mixtapes of mine that I have digitized, check me on social media instagram.com/whoscrazy, twitter.com/djefn, our site crazyhood.com and look out for our documentary series “Coming Home” airing on Revolt TV which is about exploring other countries through hip hop culture. Look out for the artist I manage; ¡Mayday! and Wrekonize, whom are signed to Strange Music, Heckler, Garcia and producers BeatsNdaHood, and Big Drain!


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