Hey it’s your boy Vee back again with another Interview. This time it comes from Rock Hill, SC artist Diamond Miller. He was first featured on #PurgeorPlay with the track we in Here and if you have been on the site then you have seen a few more post from this artist. If you are new to the site then you can easily find him. Let’s get started

Vickt: Let’s get started let the people know your name?

DiAmond Miller: DiAmond Miller is the name I was given at birth though a lot of people know me as Millz I chose to stick with my original name because it’s pretty distinctive and a lot of people tend to pronounce it wrong so it sticks.

V: Are you signed, indy, solo?

DM: I’m totally solo right now and that mainly because no company worth being interested in has ever approached me yet.

V: Okay, that’s understandable. I always say patience is a virtue and you have to go with your gut feeling. So who influenced you?

DM: My influences are definitely my brothers, my city of Rock Hill SC and artists such as Kid Cudi, Bone Thugs n Harmony. Skateboarding has also influenced me and made me more of an artist.

V: Speaking of Kid Cudi and Bone have you worked with them or anyone else in the industry just yet?

DM: I would love to work with Wiz Khalifa or Kid Cudi.

V: Who are some of the indy folks you have worked with?

DM: I’ve worked with local names such as Button Masher Music and Cool Table Music. They are both groups from my city of Rock Hill SC.

V: You know every interview has one so tell me your top 5!

DM: Top five in no specific order. Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, Notorious BIG, Joey Bada$$, and Kanye West.

V: What about in your city could you list them?

DM: Dougy D, Bam Marley, Kwavante White, Ralphy Lee, J Ivan, K Flum

V: Those are def names I will have to look into finding to get some of their music on the site.  If you could compare yourself to an already established artist who would it be?

DM: I don’t think I’m comparable to any artists because despite what other people think I don’t think I quite sound like anyone out.

V: What is the ‘vision’ for your songs? What message are you trying to send?

DM: I write music about the things I go through, Things I’ve seen, things I’ve heard and things I wish to see or wish to obtain.

V: That is good to hear what artist go through. The party times, the struggle, and all. With that being said what do you want? What’s the ultimate goal in life?

DM: My ultimate life in goal is actually making a living off of this music, and being able to travel and see the world and make my imprint on different people’s life.

V: Okay what were you thinking when this album was developed?

DM: It was so cool making this EP because during the time I was going through a lot of pressure from school and I was also just enjoying the college life and being a party going young guy. That’s why I decided to call the album “Careless Adolescence”

V: Nice title, you mentioned school, do you have any other passions in life? Do you believe that passion is an essential part of success?

DM: At this point in my life music might be my only passion. Other than going to class and hanging out with friends I’m writing music, performing music, making music videos and recording music.

V: With music being your only passion what’s the hardest thing you would say you had to overcome?

DM: The most difficult things I’ve had to endure with the music industry so far is being slept on because I’m from South Carolina and also just being overlooked due to the fact that I’m not a household name just yet.

V: Yeah I have noticed that a lot of SC artist are slept on man I have ran across a few that I like WiLo Da Junkie and Lil Cuzo been the two hottest so far that have came across my table. I have worked with them some. So as a blogger what can I do for you? And get your shameless plug on while you are at it.

DM: Keep doing what you’re doing! My mixtape “Life is Rough” is now on ITunes and so is my single “Drugs” and my latest mixtape “Careless Adolescence EP” is now on soundcloud and datpiff.com

V: Thanks for your time

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