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Underrated – Out Now

This would be the 3rd artist from the SC area that has been featured on our site. The south has alot of talented artist that are killing it right now just need some more exposure. We reached over to another SC artist and heard a dope feature with Madd Hatter called “Thoughts in My Head” and man Hatter repped for his YEA crew. YEA doesn’t just have this hitter they also have Mr. No Feelings Malio who has a hit record with BankRoll Fresh that we will look more into later. But for now we have Madd Hatter who I believe is the next up if managed the right way . Lets have a sip with Madd Hatter.

Vicktor Calhoun: Lets get started tell the readers of Estin89.com about you 

Madd Hatter: My name is Madd Hatter; I am 22 years old, originally from Detroit, Michigan but currently live in Clemson, South Carolina. Growing up a lot of people called me “Mad Hatter” because my last name is Hatter, I just decided to put an extra d on the Mad to be a little different you know. I started recording and engineering my own music at the age of 14 and haven’t looked back since.

V: Detroit has alot of new artist that are on the scene killing it like Big Sean and Dej Loaf. Speaking of these two artist who had a major play on the independent scene are you indy or signed right now? 

MD: I am unsigned, but managed by an independent label known as the Young Entrepreneurs Association (Y.E.A.)

V: Cool yea man YEA is bringing that heat that is the team to be on right now. Kind of like the 90’s Bulls or the 80’s Celtics. You guys have a roster Malio, Jugg Money ( RIP) and youself is a hot starting 3. In every interview I am sure you have been asked but who are your top 5?

MD:Meek Mill, Ace Hood, J. Cole, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar. These are in no particular and are just a few of the many artists who have inspired me over the years

V: Man I think you are the first to put that J.Cole in top 5. I believe the same Carolina Cole man he is so dope. He actually writes his lyrics unlike some of these new artist who just freestyle. How do you get down?

MD: I have a pretty thick binder full of rhymes and songs I’ve wrote over the years, but I currently use my Iphone to write my music. I love playing with words and creating off the wall metaphors that people can interpret in different ways. If I get stuck on a song I will start something new and come back to the other one later with a fresh mind although this usually causes me to have 3-5 songs in progress at a time.

V: Awe man the binder is old school that’s the way its suppose to be done because as you are writing its like you can see what you are saying and make it actually make sense. Lots of artist either A. Lie or B. Just plain out dont make sense. I heard a record where someone said they put the silencer on the snub nose .38. Im like its a snub its no room for a dang on silencer what are you talking about? So when you start a new song do you need to have a feeling or do you just go in the booth and create ?

MD: I like to feel good when I go to record if you know what I mean. I have to be focused; nothing is more unproductive than a cluttered mind when it comes to recording.

V: What was your thoughts when going in to record Thoughts In My Head  and whats the background of the record? Do you have any singles out now that you are pushing give us the background on that record?

MD: I don’t really have a particular single I am pushing at this time.. more or less just my last mixtape “Underrated” as a whole because I feel like almost every song on there is good enough to be a single. You can find this mixtape on Livemixtapes or MyMixtape as well as music videos to the majority of the songs on Youtube.

V: We Will make sure that we have the links to videos on youtube and mixtape on the site for the readers.  I see that you have a record with Jugg, Malio, and 44 Water as the top songs on youtube. With that being said you seem to like to have features or collabs. What is your dream collab? 

MD: My dream collabs would honestly be any of the artists in my top five dead or alive.

V: I def think a Madd Hatter x Meek track would be fire. As a blog what can we do for you ?

MD: I would really appreciate any form of promotion from your blog and for you to check my music out personally and let me know what you think.

V: Cool we will def do that for you. We dont hold back we tell the up front truth like it or not. So before we wrap up whats the end of for you? What is Madd Hatter driving for?

MD:  My main goal is to inspire others to follow their dreams. With hard work, anything is possible if you truly believe in yourself. I also want to give back to the community as much as possible and help others in need. I really want to feed my team and the streets at the same time you know.

V:Thats honorable! Anything else you want to say today?

MD: I’d like to give a shout out to my family, friends, fans, and especially my team for all the support I’ve received this far. I also want to give a shout out to my manager Prince Keels for investing and believing in this dream. Big things are coming!!

(These Videos Are Also on the Main Site )
Madd Hatter – Monalisa (Feat. Jugg Money
Madd Hatter – Gasin Up (Feat. 44 Water)
Madd Hatter – Can’t Tell Me Nothin (Feat. Malio)

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