Check the review and video after the jump.

This your boy Vee back again with another #PurgeorPlay  review and man this dude right here is killing it.He giving us that real NYC PR flavor. Im taking bars and delievery to the max. I love this record. The video is played out in the way it was suppose to be man. Fly chicks , bikes , bottles, and bars this is what NYC needs. Alot of the artist aren’t able to give the world that NYC feeling with a down south bounce and I feel like this is just what this guy did. The only downside to this entire video was the last part. The chick that was dancing come on son ( see my NY word play) she wasn’t thick at all I know he couldve found a doper chick to really throw that ass for the video. With that being said

Juni Jittaz survives #ThePurge with a 4 out of 5. The only downside was the chick .

Tell your management get with me I want to hear and know more about this guy.

Check the video below

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