#PurgeorPlay – @iLLiteracy – Mona Lisa


@iLLiteracy – Mona Lisa


I’m back with another #POP and before I start I just want to say everyone has there place. Eveyone has there on own lane they need to stay in. Now I am not saying that you cant swtich up and try other lanes but make sure you have that older person or wiser person to tell you when you are crossing the line. Now lets get to iLLiteracy they have bars. I mean some real dope lyrics but this song wasn’t it. It seems rushed or to get them in a cross over but just stick to what you know best bars and a better beat. From my understanding this crew has a beat man on deck he should have sent the a new record for this one. I would rather listen to this without the beat cause the content seems to be there.

iLLiteracy doesn’t survive #ThePurge

Next time send me something that is in your lane and kill it dead.

Thanks for coming.

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