Alright guys you know how much I love posting about celebs and there stupid decisions, but I’m not really sure if Darius McCrary is really considered a celeb anymore? Maybe D-list? Which is why when I received this news I didn’t know whether to laugh or feel bad. Darius was arrested on this past Wednesday and charged with failure to pay child support.


Courtesy of TMZ:

Former Family Matters star Darius McCrary was taken into custody yesterday after failing to cough up $5k during a child support hearing.

Apparently Darius was given the option of paying his back child support or spending 14 days in jail. He chose jail.

McCrary, who was spotted partying with Charlie Sheen last week was released later that day.

Now I know SEVERAL men who wouldn’t hesitate to take that 14 days over paying back that 5k, but I want to know what our followers think? 14 Days locked up or 5 bands out of pocket?!

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