Hey this is Ms. Lola P and I am excited to be back for another #SoManyChoices with #DiAmondMiller. Now DiAmond has been on the site a few times and comes from the home state of SC! Stand up woot woot! Along with this cool ass interview I want you to check out his latest video. This guy stays working aye Millz whats up with a cameo in a video ???

Brown or White ( Liquor ) && Whats your drink of choice?

        Brown liquor, specifically Crown Royal, Hennessy or Jack Daniels.

White Girls & ____ ( fill in the blank )

White Girls and White girls lol

Batman or Superman 

Batman because he was a real person who did super hero things.

Tupac or Biggie

Biggie because of his flow and story telling.

Mac or WIndows

Mac because I really want a MacBook.

Stranded butt naked on a island what 3 items do you take?

My phone so I want be stranded forever, some kind of weapon for protection, paper and pencil in order to document anything that happens.

Weave or All Natural (Black Chicks)

All natural, I hate weave on woman to be honest.

Red, Blonde, Brown or Black ( White Chicks)

Black hair most definitely. Ever seen a white girl with black hair and blue eyes? Now you understand

Paper or Blunts

Blunts all day

Rihanna or Aaliyah 

Rihanna all day.

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