@HeeeyMsParker ‘s #SoManyChoices featuring #CTM @MarleyRalph x @Jose_kwayvo

Hey this is Ms. Lola P and I am excited to be back for another #SoManyChoices with #CTM. Selfies and Blunts is very laid back and sexy so I was definitely excited to see what kind of answers I was going to get back from my sneaky little questions. They did not disappoint!

1. Whooper or Big Mac
Big Mac
2. Playstation or XBox
3. (Fill in the blank) Whats up with that _________
4. Kobe or Lebron?
5. Do ya lick it before you stick it or just straight drill it?
Lick it before I stick it
6. You pay , she pay , dutch?
I’m Paying
7. Katt Williams or Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart
8. Anal or Vag? Do you eat the booty like groceries?
Vag & Hell No! 
9. What destiny would you have a child with? Bey , Kelly, Michelle, or the other one 
10. Dropped off in a unknown city with 1 phone call who are you calling and why?
Calling Cre. Tell him to bring the weed. 

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