Cassie Diddy Kiss

Okay, we all know about music mogul, Ciroc creator and so much more Diddy and his relationship with (flatlined) R&B singer Cassie. These two have been together for YEARS, so long in fact where I come from we call that common law marriage. For as long as they’ve been together Diddy has matched that with his “Not up for marriage”, “Relationship is just a word, a bond is real” and “Maybe one day..” quotes but Diddy has finally opened up a little about his current thoughts of marriage after witnessing his brother’s wedding to his new wife. But what he say’s has alot of people stuck with that WTF face, and wondering what’s going through Cassie’s head to even entertain the idea.

While on a publicity tour for his new fragrance 3AM, Diddy spoke about marriage, saying that even after 6 children by three different women he’s still not up for a walk down the aisle yet. “It’s the whole thing of … I think you have to be ready for it,” explained the 46-year-old. “There’s somebody else’s heart involved and that’s a lot of responsibility. And I don’t want to be going to courts and having somebody be like interfere in my relationships so I rather just do the Goldie Hawn.” If you guys don’t understand the reference, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have been dating for over 32 years! Diddy went on to say this:

“I will give a contract,” Diddy added. “I will commit to a contract — a love contract.”


I want to hear from the ladies? Would you agree to a love contract or nah?!


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