#SoManyChoices – @HeeeyMsParker x @MouseSucks

Hey guys, Lola back with another #SoManyChoices with one of my FAVORITE artist that we’ve featured here on the site. @MouseSucks never ceases to make me laugh and I know he can take a good joke so held no bars when I sent his questions, and once again he didn’t let me know. Check out these HILARIOUS responses from @MouseSucks and be sure to take a listen to his new song while you here!
1.  So you like feet…… Do you lick the whole foot or you more of toes guy?
Haha you gotta start with the Toes and then make your rounds.
2.  Kim K or Amber Rose
Kanye’s best relationship was KiD CuDi
3. Fill in the blank … Mouse that bitch said you __________ boy I can’t believe you did that ! 
Prayed for her village
4. The Perfect Woman has to have 1. 2. 3. 
Pretty face, Pretty feet… a good Tumblr
5. McDonalds Big Mac or Burger King Whooper
El Whopper. Burger King is on another level
6. Whooty or Booty? 
7.  Topanga ( Boy Meets World ) vs Hannah Montana ( Miley Cyrus ) vs Cher (Clueless) : Pick 1 to kill 1 to marry 1 to fuck 
8.  Ford or Chevy 
I’d rather walk
9.  PowerAid or Gatorade
Gatorade for sure
10.   This has became a common question: Stranded butt naked in a foreign city : 1 phone call 1 text message who are they to and what are you saying GO! 
I would text Zendaya saying
Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 1.43.17 PM

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