#PurgeorPlay – Louie P – Ride or Die Girl


Off the top I love this record the flow of Louie P over this beat is smooth the only thing I would change up is the feature. I really think Louie P should meet Fred B this would be a nice collaboration they are both missing what the other one has. Louie P really set me in a up north love story type vibe. From the scenery in the video to his style and delivery can’t forget the co star Nitty Scott who is a beautiful young lady. I want to hear more for Louie P to see if this is his lane or if this is the marketable record for the ladies either way its golden.
Louie P survives #ThePurge only if he leaves Stan Michael at home.
4 out of 5
Notable Lines ” Movie dates and great convo when we had dinner gave her pretty feet a massage you already know take to the nail salon Mani/Pedi flow”

Not just a notable line young bucks pay attention go how to treat your lady .

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#PurgeorPlay – Kissie Lee feat Scotty ATL – Spend It


Scotty ATL glides in and blessed the feature and Ms. Kissie Lee took it from there. This is a real hit up and down. I enjoy the collaboration the production the flow everything. This is a grade A song. The rap game needs another dominate and beautiful woman and Ms. Kissie Lee came in and took claim to the next up. Her flow is smoothe not to lyrical but who says you need a shot of Patron when Hennessey slides down easy on rocks.

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Ms. Kissie Lee is the first 5 out of 5 and owns #ThePurge

I let the record play out and heard the next song slide in “Shoutout to My Ex” and I’m just going to listen to more and more while you listen to “Spend It”.

#PurgeorPlay – Mouse Sucks x Capital Ode – Free Money


I started writing this review before I actually took a listen at this point I’m like okay creative name catchy song title… Let’s see what happens from here … Press Play

Never judge a book by it’s cover this duo took an old school tit for tat approach  put a new school spin and nailed it in.  With a cool beat and nice delivery this is a cool summer track. I actually let the windows down on this one and turned it up ( mind you it’s cold as a polar beer toe nail out ). I can’t tell who’s hotter on this track but its an even balance and I can’t wait to hear more from this crew.

Notable Line – ” We are not for sale , we are not to be bought and we are not selling out”

3.5 out of 5
This track will have you head knobbin through #ThePurge

#PurgeorPlay – KayMoney – Damn


Damn! That’s the name of the record and my first impression of this song. Nooooo not a Damn, she thick more like a smokey Damnnn on Friday when Debo got knocked the well you know the rest.  Now I’m a fan of Southern Rap/Trap/Flex music but you have to get some substance in between the catchy hook. I’m pretty sure Kay Money is getting club spins because this is a hands down club banger but I don’t know if it’s the hook or the beat hell it may be the combination of the 2 either way my eyes are peeled for a follow up record to see if this artist is one sided. What would give Kay Money an extra boost would be if everything he is talking about is true and we can see via videos and Instagram. Truth behind these types of tracks bring 100% fanbase and that is proven with artist like Yo Gotti , Gucci Mane , and Chief Keef.
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On the second and third play of this song I’m not going to lie with the bass kicking and volume turnt I started rocking and that saved Kay Money from #ThePurge

Notable lines – ” I gotta thank God for my mother cause she made a real nigga …. That’s why my pockets a little bigger my hoes a little thicker “

2 out of 5 – song
3 out of 5 – hook and production

#PurgeOrPlay – Victoria’s Secret – Fred B

Victoria’s Secret – Fred B


Fred B is a new artist out of Fort Worth, TX with a nice R&B record that seems to be picking up some heat online. I normally listen to the music submitted while working out looking for some new music for my playlist but I actually clicked the visuals for this record. From start to finish this record was smooth. The new R&B style of nice beat with a sex driven play on words Fred B has a nice record on his hands.  The follow up record for this artist needs a little more content in the song not saying R&B has to haveCanibus Em or Budden style flow from a singer but it needs to stand out more. Putting more into the lyrics then facial expressions in the video is needed for next record. Follow Fred B on twitter at @Fred123B and let him know what you think about his record link below.

Notable Line : ” Baby suck my bottle hope that you not teething” / ” Keep telling me your secrets baby I’m listening” / “Got the munchies girl I’m hungry open up so I can eat”

3 out of 5
Fred B  takes a few hits survives #ThePurge

Established In 89