Here you will see all of the past #PurgeOrPlay reviews for other sites. Either go to the sites and view or come here to view them all.

@Ampbabyyy ft. @Serge_Montana – Damn Right

So I met a guy a few months back in passing and he told me he worked with a few guys and put me on. The first guy that kinda fell through but it linked me with another cool group. This is the second guy, AmpGoHard. This song as a nice tempo and reminds me of what is popping right now. Amp has delivery and not top notch bars but they carry the song in the direction that it needs to go….. then the ball drops on the second verse! This guy has no real delivery more like he is reading off his phone or tablet one thing we do know about the second guy is that he loves his daughter and his brother but yea don’t see why he is on the record.  I would love to hear more from AmpGoHard but he needs to be alone. Check out the record for yourself below.

AmpGoHard survives #ThePurge

3 out of 5

Next time NO COLLAB ! I heard alot of dope stuff on your soundcloud as well.

S/O @ChucksNButtonUP for the plug.


NephLon Don Ft. Miles Davis, Royce Rizzy & DJ YRS Jerz – #GoneGetIt

NephLon Don Ft. Miles Davis, Royce Rizzy & DJ YRS Jerzy - Gone Get It (Prod. By Tommy Ross) (1)

This your boy Vee back again with another #POP and mannnnnn its been R&B after R&B song that has been in my inbox but this one steps out of that shadows and brings it back to street music.

Mama told me ill be great but grandma prayed and asked the Lord to make me greater // and I know God here all here prayers// so when you see that Bent nigga why you hatin?

Was the first line to bring the song in and from there it was straight bounce and head bobbin. After the first verse slides in the hook comes in just to signify this as a real hit. I love that gritty singer hooks to real bars back to gritty hook. Lets get to the production Tommy Ross where are you and where have you been. He is a hot producer and deserves recognition. I am, almost just off this song , want to start a producers corner for all the hot beat makers out there. Nephlon Don keep it up stay linking with this producer and you going to make it. Stay in contact and keep them hot joints coming.

NephlonDon survives #ThePurge

5 out of 5

I keep some shooters with me and all they play is old fifty

thats another bar im going to be saying all damn day!  I need me a #PrivateClubMembers Shirt !

Listen for yourself.

Philly’s own NephLon Don is back at it again with another hit release entitled “Gone Get It”. After connecting and working with DJ YRS Jerzy he is learning alot about the game and moving at a fast pace. This track is a mellow toned single with a little bit of a trap twist to it and the vocals of Miles Davis on the hook who is also Royce Rizzy’s brother. There is a major hype surrounding Royce Rizzy right now after signing with Atlanta legend Jermaine Dupri at So So Def and RCA Records. Stay tuned for alot more music to come from these artists they are definitely on the rise and you won’t want to miss what is in store for them. Artwork was also made by fellow private club member Dave Cannon.


@Mississippi Sipp- South In Yo Mouth

Mississippi Sipp South-In-Yo-Mouth-cover

Song Title: Mississippi Sipp- South In Yo Mouth

Album:2 Sides 2 Da Game

Label:Kandy Paint Records


Ok, first off this cover grabs your damn attention thats for sure. Its big , loud and southern!! I think thats what he was going for. But when I first seen this cover I was like yea man this about to be another one of those down south big bass, trapped out, old D. Banner records but ….. it wasn’t. I mean I love the harmony of the track and the production was nice (( side note can the producer get with me about this record)) but everything else was just blah you know. The voice changes and such , eventhough they are attention grabbers, they grabbed my attention for the wrong reason. Maybe i shouldn’t have judge the book by its cover and been more open minded but by the time I got to it my mind was made up this wasn’t the hit single of 2015 that Sipp and his management are looking for. Out of the south I have had a few records pass through my email from GA, TX and SC maybe Sipp should take a trip.

The South isn’t in my mouth and the production keep him alive on this one ( beat , hook , and cover ).

Sipp survives #ThePurge

3  out of 5

Listen for yourself below.


When The Lights Go Off – @ShawnKentNRL


First off dope promo picture ! I really enjoyed this record because its all about the content and lyrics. The beat is a simple smooth production which allows Shawn Kent to do his thing. With the focus being directly on lyrics I think the mixing of the record was left out to dry as well. I have listened to this record on several different head phones and speakers and the song just doesn’t seem mixed right. The hook is catchy and I can’t lie I have repeated a few times after taking a listen. I would like to see what else Shawn Kent can do. Not knowing where he is from I am guessing up north or more nothern because of the delivery and style but I may be wrong. I would like to see what this artist can do with a more uptempo beat. Can he keep the lyrical content or will it go out the window? Either way this a nice track to just ride and chill to. In a word full of love songs, club songs, and trap music this is a good laid back waking up or right before the turn up song.

When the lights go off…….

Shawn Kent survives the Purge

3 out of 5 : Only thing that doesn’t make it the 5 is the production ( beat and mixing) and some of the lyrics aren’t that great.

Keep up the good work.







The first thing I clicked on was the video link that Semaj Lee sent over and I am not a fan of chopped and screwed music but I won’t rob the fans of the cut it will be at the bottom of this post. Semaj Lee sent over 3 songs I randomly picked Loving On You and man it took me back a few months ago sitting in a club faded off my favorite liquor with the homies and my eyes locked on that one dancer. Making it rain on her to slow tunes the Dj was spinning. The way her hair slid down her back her body moving as it was mixed into the beat itself. DAMN! What a night!!! Anyway back to the present this record is dope. This is that raunchy but smooth R&B music that I love to hear.The content the production the entire joint is just pure fire! I would love to see an actual video of this song but it has to be done right. I dont know if the strip club djs in his area have the record but man they need it. This record will make every dude in the joint fall in love for that 4:06 its spinning and also be a dancers payday.

Semaj Lee – 5 of 5

This record survives #ThePurge

Keep it up !


Victoria’s Secret – Fred B


Fred B is a new artist out of Fort Worth, TX with a nice R&B record that seems to be picking up some heat online. I normally listen to the music submitted while working out looking for some new music for my playlist but I actually clicked the visuals for this record. From start to finish this record was smooth. The new R&B style of nice beat with a sex driven play on words Fred B has a nice record on his hands.  The follow up record for this artist needs a little more content in the song not saying R&B has to haveCanibus Em or Budden style flow from a singer but it needs to stand out more. Putting more into the lyrics then facial expressions in the video is needed for next record. Follow Fred B on twitter at @Fred123B and let him know what you think about his record link below.

Notable Line : ” Baby suck my bottle hope that you not teething” / ” Keep telling me your secrets baby I’m listening” / “Got the munchies girl I’m hungry open up so I can eat”

3 out of 5
Fred B  takes a few hits survives #ThePurge


KayMoney – Damn 


Damn! That’s the name of the record and my first impression of this song. Nooooo not a Damn, she thick more like a smokey Damnnn on Friday when Debo got knocked the well you know the rest.  Now I’m a fan of Southern Rap/Trap/Flex music but you have to get some substance in between the catchy hook. I’m pretty sure Kay Money is getting club spins because this is a hands down club banger but I don’t know if it’s the hook or the beat hell it may be the combination of the 2 either way my eyes are peeled for a follow up record to see if this artist is one sided. What would give Kay Money an extra boost would be if everything he is talking about is true and we can see via videos and Instagram. Truth behind these types of tracks bring 100% fanbase and that is proven with artist like Yo Gotti , Gucci Mane , and Chief Keef.
Follow @TheRealKayMoney and let him know what you think . The song is after the jump ….

On the second and third play of this song I’m not going to lie with the bass kicking and volume turnt I started rocking and that saved Kay Money from #ThePurge

Notable lines – ” I gotta thank God for my mother cause she made a real nigga …. That’s why my pockets a little bigger my hoes a little thicker “

2 out of 5 – song
3 out of 5 – hook and production


Mouse Sucks x Capital Ode – Free Money 


I started writing this review before I actually took a listen at this point I’m like okay creative name catchy song title… Let’s see what happens from here … Press Play

Never judge a book by it’s cover this duo took an old school tit for tat approach  put a new school spin and nailed it in.  With a cool beat and nice delivery this is a cool summer track. I actually let the windows down on this one and turned it up ( mind you it’s cold as a polar beer toe nail out ). I can’t tell who’s hotter on this track but its an even balance and I can’t wait to hear more from this crew.

Notable Line – ” We are not for sale , we are not to be bought and we are not selling out”

3.5 out of 5
This track will have you head knobbin through #ThePurge



Kissie Lee feat Scotty ATL – Spend It


Scotty ATL glides in and blessed the feature and Ms. Kissie Lee took it from there. This is a real hit up and down. I enjoy the collaboration the production the flow everything. This is a grade A song. The rap game needs another dominate and beautiful woman and Ms. Kissie Lee came in and took claim to the next up. Her flow is smoothe not to lyrical but who says you need a shot of Patron when Hennessey slides down easy on rocks.

Follow her today @iamkissielee on twitter.

Ms. Kissie Lee is the first 5 out of 5 and owns #ThePurge

I let the record play out and heard the next song slide in “Shoutout to My Ex” and I’m just going to listen to more and more while you listen to “Spend It”.


Louie P – Ride or Die Girl 


Off the top I love this record the flow of Louie P over this beat is smooth the only thing I would change up is the feature. I really think Louie P should meet Fred B this would be a nice collaboration they are both missing what the other one has. Louie P really set me in a up north love story type vibe. From the scenery in the video to his style and delivery can’t forget the co star Nitty Scott who is a beautiful young lady. I want to hear more for Louie P to see if this is his lane or if this is the marketable record for the ladies either way its golden.
Louie P survives #ThePurge only if he leaves Stan Michael at home.
4 out of 5
Notable Lines ” Movie dates and great convo when we had dinner gave her pretty feet a massage you already know take to the nail salon Mani/Pedi flow”

Not just a notable line young bucks pay attention go how to treat your lady .

Follow @VicktorCalhoun on Twitter.

Follow @LouiePizzle on Twitter

King Keem – Fiend
I can’t get enough of this track right now. I sat down at the barbershop to get a nice line up and pressed play on this record and WOW KING KEEM is an A+ player. This record from the production to the delivery lyrics and feel is all there . Now when I started doing reviews I never thought I would find a perfect record but man King Keem as set the golden bar for artist. This record needs radio play , club play, mixtape play , IT NEEDS PLAY period. Congratulations to the first 5 of 5 record to come in our inbox so far.
Follow @IAMKINGKEEM in twitter
This record definitely survives #ThePurge!
Faye B – Used to Love Me 

Here sits my second video submission from UK artist Faye B Used to Love Me and this song has me on the wire. The video portrays the song beautifully and Faye B is also a very good looking young lady but the song just didn’t get it for me. I was happy to see to be continued because not only do I want to see what’s next in the video but I want to hear what’s next from this artist. Faye B has a beautiful voice but it doesn’t demand your attention and for that I would have to say #PurgeNight has began for Faye B.
2 out of 5
Follow @FayeBMusic on twitter today.
NuLevel send us more.


Cuzo – New 90’s Ni99a


South Carolina hasn’t had a nice come up yet and this would be a nice record to put on the front line. Lil Cuzo has a new trap sound that can be that ” style ” that comes right out of the palmetto state. I can’t lie his flow and style reminds me of what the west did in the 90s he takes a concept that has been over used but put its his own style and delivery to it. AND IT STANDS OUT AND IS DIFFERENT!!!! With the help of Imperial on the production this tracks shows us with the New 90s niggas from SC will be coming out with .  New Carolina music I’m ready to hear it now.

Follow @Cuzo2Real on Twitter
The New 90s niggas will survive #ThePurge w/ a 3 out 4 rating.

Kick back crack the windows roll what you twist and let this one slide through your speakers ….


JeRonelle McGhee – You Just Don’t Care


Hey Vee’s back again and man this guy has a very soulful and filling voice. The song is beautiful and reaches into your thoughts and emotions to put you in the place he is in. I fell deep into the lyrics and floated on the melody of the song just as I thought I would. I am very impressed with this artist and he slides in with a 3 out of 5 on this record. If this was full true emotion then okay but I do feel as if the song is too drawn out and the runs are becoming to repetitive. All and all this is a decent record.

Follow @JMCGHEEMUSIC on twitter and tap into his soulful “Soul Food” tunes.

Official Website – www.jeronellemcghee.com
Twitter / Instagram / SoundCloud – @jmcgheemusic
Facebook / Audiomack – JeRonelle McGhee
YouTube – jeronellemcghee

JeRonelle McGhee survives #ThePurge



First off the EDM mix of the song is FUCKING WICKED ! If that’s not your vice then check out the actual song Drugs after the jump

This song is aimed and is catered to one group the #JunkieGang. If you up on them uppers coastin on a downer or slowed on that lean this is a record for you. Yes I know the hook is simple hell the song is simple but it keeps everything right in perspective for you. WiLo does drugs point blank and simple and if you do to this is your anthem.

Download both mixes and follow @WiLo_da_Junkie

4 out 5
Only downside is can this artist do more than this type of music or will he ?

No matter how you survive #ThePurge you have to survive the night and WiLo Da Junkie has done it .. You can guess it on Drugs.

Dopest Line: Damn near kissing the clouds but I’m still trying to get higher

Swear this makes me want to go find my D.A.R.E shirt



I never said I would do covers for reviews but I’m going to give Oshaun a chance on this and he sets the bar for reviews here out ……

In this case you can’t judge the beat so the main focus has to be the lyrics and style the artist brings. I had to immediately run the song back to here what’s being said. To be honest he is everywhere on the beat not sticking to any actual concept except talking about fucking bitches and how if rap doesn’t work he going to go to slinging dope..

Aye lean in for a second … Go get a good lawyer and call the connect with these weak bars you not going to make it unless you find a publicity stunt…

Line : told my girl I love her she said no no I said maybe she said she in love with the coco

Obviously that bitch don’t like it either and she wouldn’t be the last person you kiss before Purge Night because with this you wont survive and I hate for her to be the last thing you see

We not in love Everything O
O out of 5

Follow @EvrythingOshaun and give it a shot yourself after the jump



Hey I’m back with another video review. This time out the gate I had this i don’t know  face
on but yet again never judge a book by its cover or should I say a song by its intro or whatever you say fuck it….

This song has a dope beat and Diamond Miller delivery over it shows these two should stay making tracks. I hate to compare such a nice song to another artist but D Miller has a ASAP Ferg’ish type flow that I love. Not to mention the video opens up with the Asap Ferg font … But goes into a nice mellow kickback feeling.

This song has everything it needs nice beat , nice delivery,  lyrics , content matches the rest of the song, and a fresh feeling.

Coming in with a 4 out 5  Millz steps in yelling we in here and survives #ThePurge

Dopest Line : “Jesus left home to get recognition so I gotta get on the move “



After reading the short bio sent over by his management team I was ready to press play and I was in amaze. Latrell James really painted the picture of the modern ghetto. I listened to the song through without watching the video to get an honest view of the song. WOW his delivery and content is so real and raw. Music these days normally are around the glam and glisten of cars, jewelry, and sex. Latrell James has showed you first hand the first level and foundation of that rich-gang lifestyle.  The visuals are exactly what matches the lyrics of the song. Latrell did exactly what you have to do to get his point across keep it up and keep the music coming to the site.

 5 out 5

@IamLatrellJames ownes #ThePurge

Watch the video below



This is a cool song right here. I real feel good song. Makes you want to just bounce along with it. ASH has that Disney ready voice. I can hear her on the next Disney movie having all the kids sing along. I feel that her voice is strong yet innocent draws you in and makes you just smile. This song is showing independence of the woman but not bragging and being sexual and brash. This will take her far. Keep up the great work Ms. ASH.

So Press Play ” && just enjoy the ride “

4 out 5 – @IamJustash survives #ThePurge

Twitter: @IAmJustAsh   Instagram: @IAmJustAsh   SoundCloud: IAmJustAsh


The artist was difficult to locate. Yes I have his email and yes he sent links but the song was on one page his profile was another and his twitter has changed. But aye it was worth it.

First off Dark R&B I’m really not a huge fan of so when I seen it in the description I was kinda like ehhhhhhh but I gave it a real shot. The song and concept is the age old R&B write up ego boost record which no one can deny and the stand out was the production of it. I say again I’m not a huge dark R&B guy but I believe this song will grow on you as it did me after a few spins.


3 of 5

Next time around let’s make it not so hard to locate you and sync everything together.  Being from Australia where the only thing I know is kangaroos and the Olympics a few years back you open my eyes and ears. I will be on the look out for more so make sure you send it .


Hey its ya boy Vee back with another #PurgeorPlay and man am I glad I started back on this note here.

First off Drake and Ovo get your asses to this girl front door ASAPPPP she is what we need. I loved this song man. Aye only thing is she should’ve wore the TMNT teeshirt and I wonder what type of shots she was drinking so I can order her some when I touch down in the Maple City. Anyways this track is fire from concept to her voice she is what’s hot she is what next she is @StaasiaDaniels!!

@StaasiaDaniels survives #ThePurge
5 out of 5 !

Hit me up if you need anything



Hey its me Vicktor but you can call me Vee for short and I have yet another R&B record. This time it’s from Sony artist J Metro. I really like the melody and the production of the song but the concept of the song has me a little confused.  He is saying he going in for the chick because he doesn’t see a bodyguard but yet starts the song saying that she may need protection. This song has me confused all the way around . If you just going to vibe and nod your head than this is it but when you start taking the lyrics into consideration you will be like what?? It sounds like he is creeping on a chick and wants her man I don’t know I give up in this one. Take around listen for  yourself on this one.





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